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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"The Chewy" Chocolate Chip Cookie

you can find the recipe here at food network -> The Chewy

I made these cookies a while ago actually.. but just haven't posted about them until now. they came out really well! very nice taste and were very delicious out of the oven. took a while to get them to be perfectly shaped (have to switch parchment paper so they can cling onto the fresh, nonoily surface) but in the end they turned out to be the best looking chocolate chip cookies i've made. i am still searching for that "perfect" cookie though, b/c when i tried a cooled cookie later they became quite dry... maybe something i did wrong. oh well. also, i'd advise to just use 1/4 tsp regular table salt instead of kosher because i occasionally came across a little crystal of salt that didn't dissolve fully and it wasn't that pleasant.


Blogger Amy said...

I made these too! The Chewy

I froze the dollops and then cooked them a few at a time frozen and that kept me from eating too many at once:)

8:38 PM  
Anonymous publishing cookbooks said...

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Blogger Rachel said...

Hey Emily,

If your cookies were dry after they cooled, they might have been baked too long. I read somewhere that you should think of chewy chocolate chip cookies like custard--when you pull them out of the oven, the perimeters should be firm but the centers still soft and underdone.

Have you tried the Cook's Illustrated version?

9:28 PM  
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