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Thursday, January 20, 2005

AB's Cocoa Brownies



in honor of the fact that i will see the man himself tonight.. i made his cocoa brownies! i chose this recipe mainly b/c i felt the urge to bake brownies but i didn't have a lot of chocolate but i had a lot of cocoa.. so .. made them i did. it's actually a pretty easy recipe.. if you don't manage to forget to add the butter like i did. i was halfway putting the VERY VERY DENSE batter into the pan and thinking how thick it was when it dawned on me that in the excitement of whipping the eggs i forgot to take out the butter and melt it.. and thus add it to the batter. and because the directions are so brief.. ("Add remaining ingredients") i forgot all about it. so i scraped all the batter back into the bowl and mixed in the butter. muccchh better. this was the first time i made brownies by whipping eggs until ribbon stage.. not sure how that changes the texture. (but it worked apparently!!) just a note for the recipe though.. i had to bake MUCH longer than 45 min.. almost an hour, i'd say.

well, i made them last night and let them sit overnight and had them for breakfast (of course, brownies for breakfast.). except i was pretty disappointed in the morning.. they were almost fluffy in texture! taste was good though. so i put them into the fridge to see if the chill would help it out.. and when i got home today i ate a piece.. YUMMMM!!!!! sooo much better this way. they were dense, fudgy, chocolatey, and ohhhh-soooo chewy. not like other brownies that are really just wet and fall apart on you. these brownies are thick and you can really sink your teeth into them. can't wait to see alton!


Blogger Emily said...

making sure the comments work!

5:18 PM  
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Anonymous baking said...

G'day Emily
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1:36 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:41 PM  

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