baking beast

a suspicious creature has been lurking around the streets, leaving behind delights that dreams are made of. what's to become of this baking beast?

Sunday, September 26, 2004

chocolate espresso bars

so yesterday i made chocolate espresso bars from the william's sonoma website to bring to a gathering with friends last night. they were reaaallyyy good! well loved by all. somewhat of a brownie but really really dense and chocolatey. i covered it up with the ganache that i had leftover which transformed into a great layer of chocolateyness. surprisingly the bars weren't that sweet, but very rich. i enjoyed them though. they're pretty good when still a little chilled from the refrigerator but not straight out of the fridge. fudgy, chocolatey, coffee-filled goodness. they're gone today. :P

the chocolate bar base

finished product :D

here's the finished product while being devoured : )

my next undertaking might be apple pie baking. there's an "all-american apple pie recipe" contest for the culinary institute of america that i'm interested in. maybe i'll bake a couple and see if any would ever be worthy of submission. if not, it's still a fun project. mmm... apple pie!! can't wait to tinker with all the different components of it. i now also have to think about what to make for this sugar high fridays thing! man.. i live for baking.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

a baking beast has been set loose!

hello! this is my first post on a new food blog. these things are so abundant now! but it just seems the more reason to join in and blog away. i can't wait to get started and bake away and post about it! so many projects one could take on, knowing that the blog is here to be a companion and to showcase hard efforts. i've been on a baking hiatus lately due to being busy but hopefully i'll still be able to squish in things here and there. i'll be baking something tomorrow hopefully for a get together with friends tomorrow night. still haven't decided what yet.. but i know it will involve ganache somehow as it has been sitting in my refrigerator from when i made it for coating a chocolate raspberry cake. i made a couple truffles out of it and also baked it inside of some puff pastry.. but i still have some left!! so i'll find something fun i'm sure. it's ganache! it's bound to be good!