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a suspicious creature has been lurking around the streets, leaving behind delights that dreams are made of. what's to become of this baking beast?

Saturday, September 25, 2004

a baking beast has been set loose!

hello! this is my first post on a new food blog. these things are so abundant now! but it just seems the more reason to join in and blog away. i can't wait to get started and bake away and post about it! so many projects one could take on, knowing that the blog is here to be a companion and to showcase hard efforts. i've been on a baking hiatus lately due to being busy but hopefully i'll still be able to squish in things here and there. i'll be baking something tomorrow hopefully for a get together with friends tomorrow night. still haven't decided what yet.. but i know it will involve ganache somehow as it has been sitting in my refrigerator from when i made it for coating a chocolate raspberry cake. i made a couple truffles out of it and also baked it inside of some puff pastry.. but i still have some left!! so i'll find something fun i'm sure. it's ganache! it's bound to be good!


Anonymous baking said...

G'day Emily
I seem to have found a baking beast has been set loose! while searching for things on cooking course. I can see why, although I'm not sure it's exactly what I'm looking for. Just thought I'd say hello :0)

1:31 AM  

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